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Learning in Foundation Stage 
We encourage reception children to spend time on practical tasks such as exploring materials, their uses and application, whilst at the same time developing their fine and gross motor skills.  A large amount of time is spent on developing their independence.  We encourage the development and practise of early reading, writing and early maths skills through structured play activities.  These are used to develop both their physical and mental skills so that they can approach their learning with enthusiasm and perseverance.
Learning in Key Stages 1 and 2
Children are taught as a class, in groups, or individually as appropriate.  We encourage the children to value contributions from each other, through a variety of teaching and learning methods, as well as taking pride in their own achievements.  As they make progress, the children are expected to organise themselves and to complete activities set each day. 
Our aim is to provide the children at St White's with a broad and balanced curriculum which enables them to reach their full potential.

We acknowledge that in order to prepare children for the world in which they are growing, and in which they will be grown ups, they need to have core skills.  We have planned our new curriculum around these skills, whilst still keeping the integrity of the National Curriculum.  We believe children learn best when they  see, understand and create connections in their learning, so we have chosen a “theme-based” route in our delivery, where appropriate.

English – including speaking and listening, writing, handwriting, spelling, drama and reading.

 – including problem solving - using and applying - and lots of practical activities. 

 – the focus on scientific enquiry is strong, as we want the children to become adept at using their investigative skills. 

 – technology has become a key part of learning, and we aim to help children have the skills they need in order to use ICT effectively. 

Design and Technology
 – the children are encouraged to identify needs so as to plan, design and carry out problem solving activities, whilst also applying knowledge. 

History and Geography
 – these subjects are very much evident in our cross-curricular planning. They enable the children to enjoy and discover excitement about the past, and become aware of our immediate environment and the world in which 

we live. 

Art and Design
 – we offer many varied opportunities for children to discover and develop their creative talents, including using various media – drawing, painting, printing, textiles, model making, digital media and ceramics. 

 – all children make music through singing and playing percussion instruments.  We cover the main aspects of music including rhythm, pitch, harmony, notation, and an appreciation of music both in participation and enjoyment.

Physical Education
 – this includes athletics, gymnastics, dance, games, swimming and outdoor and adventurous activities. The PE Curriculum seeks to develop co-ordination, skill, a sense of wellbeing, healthy lifestyle and a feeling of self confidence. 

Religious Education
 – the RE curriculum is determined by the Gloucestershire Agreed Syllabus and consists of, primarily, Christian values and readings, with additional focuses on the other 6 major religions.  We learn from and about the religions so that we can respect those from our own and other faiths.

Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Emotional Education
 – the values of the school are Courage, Respect, Perseverance, Friendliness and Hope.  We use these as a vehicle to help children develop positive respect for the individual, value achievement of everyone, and encourage positive attitudes.

Sex and Relationship Education
 – this is taught in the wider contexts of PSHCE, RE and Science.  Questions raised by the children are answered with sensitivity and relate to family life, loving relationships, and respect for others.  Appropriate use is made of published materials, programmes and the School Nurse to enrich this part of the curriculum.  Parents and carers are 

informed when the Year 5 and 6 children are to have this delivered.

Modern Foreign Languages
 – we teach French to all pupils throughout the school.

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