Challenge, Commit, Conquer and Celebrate

Our aim is to be a school of excellence, to be outstanding in every way. We will provide a vibrant curriculum and learning environment, which will challenge every individual pupil to commit themselves, pursue their goals and in doing so, accomplish them. St White’s is committed to providing first hand experiences that will inspire curiosity and encourage inquiring minds, with a thirst for knowledge. Success will be valued, shared and celebrated and there will be opportunities for every pupil’s talents to be realised.
Our aim is to promote a loving, caring community, within and beyond our school, in which all our pupils can grow and develop socially. In doing so we will support them as they conquer diverse challenges, thus acquiring emotional strength and lifelong skills.

The life of St White’s Primary School at all levels is also underpinned by our long term aims and aspirations. We aim to ensure that everyone:
  • develops high self-esteem, confidence and a true feeling of self-worth and responsibility
  • reaches their full potential and takes up all the opportunities presented to them
  • is valued for their individual contributions and develops a positive attitude towards everyone in the life of the school and community 
  • will be enriched, motivated and challenged by a broad and balanced curriculum and will be valued for all their efforts and achievements
  • is able to respond positively as a learner to all aspects of the curriculum and performs at a level of competency in all areas with confidence and enthusiasm 
  • develops a lively, inquisitive mind with life skills that encourage experimenting, investigating, risk taking, challenging and make informed choices throughout life
  • develops the skills and attitudes necessary to work both independently and collaboratively
  • will be given equal opportunities to participate in all aspects of school life
  • develops an understanding of citizenship and their role in the community
  • develops an understanding and respect for other races, cultures, gender, abilities, religions and associated points of view
  • appreciates and engages the spiritual nature of life