Leaders of Governance

What are Local Leaders of Governance?
Our Chair of Governors, Matt, is a Local Leader of Governance.

Leaders of Governance have proven skills and experience in school improvement. They are a crucial part of the self-improving and sustainable school-led system, in improving the quality and capacity of governance. National Leaders of Governance are currently fully deployed across the region. Local Leaders of Governance have now been added to the team, adding support to our system leader capacity. 

Irrespective of the setting, governing boards hold the vision and look to the lead professional in the school (headteacher or CEO) to share the strategic decision-making which will allow the vision to be realised. Central to the board’s role is ensuring robust accountability for every aspect of the school’s performance. Without a thorough understanding of performance measures, the need for strategic financial planning, resourcing, and how the curriculum enables the vision, they will be unable to carry out the role effectively. Many boards are now undertaking self-evaluation, but in these times of constant change it is unwise to carry out your self-evaluation in a vacuum. The support of someone who will work alongside a board and take an objective view which helps the board to move forward will allow boards to benchmark their performance against the most effective practice.
What do they do?

Just like National Leaders, Local Leaders of Governance respond to the needs of individual chairs,
schools and trust boards, enabling governors to help themselves. They can help in many ways, for

 Support for new chairs through ongoing mentoring or with specific advice
 Support for experienced chairs dealing with a particular issue
 Temporary membership of governing board of a school in need of support
 Advice and guidance following a recommendation made by an LLE
 Advice and guidance following a ‘good with concerns’ Ofsted judgement
 Providing a fresh pair of eyes: even the best practitioners can improve

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