Assembly Battle - Year 5 classes, Heron Vs Woodpecker

29th November 2019

Year 5 classes went head to head for the second time this year, Heron Vs Woodpecker. They were challenged on spellings. Well done to team Woodpecker who was faster at spellings than Heron.  Next week it will be our year 6s competing in spellings. Look out for updates!

Congratulations to Skye in Sparrow and Max in Swift who were both award with trophies for good sportsmanship this week. Progressive Sports will be presenting this award each week, so come back to find out who will next week.

We would like it if parents came along to join in with the crowd and cheer their child's class along! If you would like to do so, the battle starts at 2:45 pm every Friday.

If children would like to share achievements from outside school such as trophies and certificates, they are still welcome to bring them in on Fridays to be shown in Assembly