Vision & Ethos

Our vision is to be a beacon of excellence delivering such a high level of education that we are sought out in the area.  

The school will be at the heart of the community facilitating the needs of its pupils and becoming a centre of excellence for learning.  It will be a hub for the local area: a pastoral support centre for the school community and beyond that will provide help at the point of contact, or a system of signposting, as necessary.  It will deliver social, emotional, health, well-being and educational opportunities for children and families alike. 

The pupils will be part of a nurturing environment that fosters their inquisitiveness and encourages them to take responsibility for their learning. They will be outward looking and develop a moral compass through their understanding of their own and others’ rights and responsibilities within and beyond the school community.  They will become confident, articulate and aspirational learners.  

Central to this vision are stakeholders who can articulate the school’s aims and ethos and their role in developing, maintaining and constantly striving for improvement.  All those involved in the life of the school are driven by the desire to make a difference to the academic, spiritual, moral, social, cultural, physical and emotional development of every pupil.  Each stakeholder will know their role and responsibility for this and will take individual and collective responsibility for the part they play. 

Teachers’ love of learning, outstanding knowledge and excellent professional skills will inspire pupils.  They will be ambitious for, and proud of, their pupils.  Staff will reflect on the school’s performance, recognise its areas of development and proactively combine the talents of all stakeholders to raise standards and remove barriers to learning.  

The school’s leadership team will nurture and maintain a network of expertise so that the school is constantly evolving in line with current educational developments and is able to analyse what is good practice and embed it within the school’s pedagogy.   They will oversee the creation and implementation and continuing development of a dynamic and vibrant curriculum which will inspire pupils to gain depth of knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to be successful in their lives.    

Curriculum delivery will be exciting, engaging and motivational and will broaden pupils’ experience and knowledge of the world and Britain’s place within it. The Curriculum will challenge every individual pupil to commit themselves, pursue their goals and in doing so, accomplish them.  Every pupil will have first hand experiences that will inspire curiosity and encourage inquiring minds, with a thirst for knowledge. 

Success will be valued, shared and celebrated and there will be opportunities for every pupil’s talents to be realised. 

Our vision is to promote a loving, caring community, within and beyond our school, in which all our pupils can grow and develop socially. In doing so, we will support them as they conquer diverse challenges, thus acquiring emotional strength and lifelong skills. 

Pupils will leave this school, not only secondary ready, but life-ready.