Welcome to our new website.

Welcome to St White’s website. We are all very proud of our school: it is an amazing place to be.  One of the things that I love most about St White’s is the way that you can stand in the centre of our building and ‘hear’ the learning taking place; I would love to share that with you so if you do have the time, please do ring to make an appointment and come and visit us in person.   

In our vibrant school, the highly motivated, and dedicated team have the highest possible expectations of all our children and ensure that we are Always Learning.  We keep the children at the heart of every decision that we make. Encouraging our children to love reading is one of our central priorities as a love of reading has an enormous impact on life chances. However, we are aware that learning does not just relate to academic subjects. An indication of the value we put on supporting holistically, is that we achieved the Mental Health Champions Award for the second time in 2023 and we have been awarded the Autism Mark. We have a very strong sporting offer, provide Forest Schools for all year groups, run a wide range of clubs and even have an allotment where all our children learn about growing their own food. 

Our children learn that you do not grow and become strong when things are easy but when they are faced with challenges.  They learn that to succeed, they must not be afraid to fail and we teach them to bounce back from setbacks and failures and confidently seek out opportunities so that they thrive.     

I couldn’t be more proud of every single stakeholder at St White’s. Our children are amazing, our staff are inspirational, our governors are committed and our parents are very much part of our learning family.  We work as a team and are Always Learning.  

Clare Tilling,  Headteacher