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Welcome to Jay Class

Years 3-4 (7-9 year olds)
Teacher: Miss Ross

Welcome to Jay Class 2023-2024. Here you will find lots of information to help you settle in to your new class.

If you would like to continue learning at home, here are some challenges you can try out from our POWer projects. Please bring any learning in to school for us to celebrate together that we are always learning. 

In class this year, we are going to be spending time working on learning spelling related to our phonics to aid us with our writing. At home, your child will be learning words from the statutory word list. These words are particularly useful because, with many of them, once the root word has been learnt, longer words can be spelt correctly by applying the guidance for adding prefixes and suffixes - for example, interest can be used to spell interestingly and disinteresting in year 3 and 4 and occupy can be used to spell reoccupy, occupied and occupying in year 5 and 6. Research shows that children need to be exposed to a variety of different methods of learning spellings. It would be helpful if you could support your child in their learning. The spellings, which they learn at home, will be assessed through dictated sentences. This is because it is a more effective way of encouraging children to apply their learning than a straight forward spelling test of single words. All children will start on the first dictation list. When they have correctly spelled all 5 words in their dictated passage, they will be able to move on to the second dictation list and the next. We will celebrate this in school with praise for the hard work they have put in to learning these challenging words. We will be grateful if you were to do the same thing at home. Thank you for your ongoing support.

In class, we use knowledge organisers to help us learn key information in our subjects. We would be grateful if you were to support us with this by talking about what we are learning with your child. Here you will find all of the knowledge organisers to support you with these conversations.