Our Uniform

Belonging to St White’s Primary School

We have a clear and simple school uniform, with extras available should you want to purchase them. We obtain our embroidered uniform through MyClothing. If you would like to purchase uniform with the school badge, or even bookbags, please visit www.myclothing.com where you will be directed to chose which items you require.
Please Note:

Children can easily put down hats, gloves, pencil cases and any other possessions and then forget them. P.E. kits can also easily get mixed up with other children’s. If all these items are named with both first and last name, we can normally sort the situation out, but an article of clothing or other personal property that’s unnamed can prove a lot harder to get back to the right person. Whilst we do try to get matters resolved, the child can worry. It is far better if nothing goes missing - and the best way to do this is to label up everything your child brings to school.

During the winter months:

  • Navy Blue Sweatshirt/Cardigan
  • White Shirt/Blouse or Polo Shirt
  • Grey or Black Trousers, skirt, or pinafore
  • Black, Smart Shoes 

In the summer months:

  • Grey or Black Smart Tailored Shorts (Instead of Trousers or skirt)
  • Navy and White Gingham Skirt or Dress


The Physical Education kit is:

  • Plain White T-shirt
  • Black or Navy Shorts
  • Black Daps
  • Trainers
  • Navy Tracksuit for when it is cold