Adult Education

Adult Education is a service within Gloucestershire who provide learning for individuals, employers and communities. They come into our school and run courses for parents to help improve on their skills.
Currently Adult Education are running online courses via Zoom as they are not able to come into the school. Please look below to view their upcoming courses:

Adult Education have lots of courses starting in January 2021. All of their family learning courses are being delivered via Zoom.

 There are 3 Wellbeing courses:

  • Calming the Mind.
  • Happier and Calmer: Wellbeing at Home.
  • Yoga and Guided Meditation. 
  • NEW: Calming the Mind for Parents Evening Course
  • NEW: Happier and Calmer: Wellbeing at Home
  • NEW: Calming the Mind for Parents Evening Course - Starts in March
  • NEW: Happier and Calmer: Wellbeing at Home - Starts in March

Supporting children’s maths:

  • Give Your Kids A Boost in Maths in the Infants
  • Keeping Up With the Kids Maths in the Juniors

 English as a Second Language

  • Improve Your English and Help Your Child
  • Help Your Child with English in the Early Years