Design and Technology

Design & Technology 

At St White’s Primary School, we provide the pupils with creative and motivating projects with a range of contexts. Our D&T curriculum is built around the six essentials of good practice in D&T: 

User – The pupils should have a good idea of who they are designing the product for. 

Purpose – The pupils should know what the products they design and make are for and should perform a clear defined task. 

Functionality – The pupils should design and make products that function in some way to be successful. 

Design decisions- When designing and making, pupils are given opportunities to make informed decisions such as selecting materials, components and techniques. 

Innovation – The pupils are encouraged to be original with their thinking. 

Authenticity – The pupils should design and make products that are believable, real and meaningful to themselves. 

This is consistent with the National Curriculum requirements and they are applied whenever pupils are designing and making products. We believe that by challenging the pupils to apply these essential skills we are not only developing motivated designers but practical problem solvers who achieve ambitious outcomes.