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Historians are like good detectives, they are curious and ask important questions about the past.

We want all pupils at St White’s Primary School to see themselves as historians and to: 

  • have a positive can-do attitude towards learning about the past in Britain and the wider world;  

  • enjoy the challenge of using historical evidence and sources to clearly communicate our answers to questions about the past; 

  • commit to developing a knowledge of the history of Britain and take responsibility for applying this knowledge in different contexts; 

  • understand how people have collectively worked together to conquer the challenges of their time;  

  • celebrate the achievements of significant people in the past; 

  • reflect on the changes within their living memory.  

How can I support my child with history?
Share your family history
Make history relatable by sharing your own family history with your child. Share fun memories of people and places in your childhood and encourage your child to talk about their favourite memories as well. Share photographs with them from the past and talk about the differences between then and now. 
Books and television
Use books or TV programmes as a conversation starter about the past. Read about people and events that have made a difference in the world and let your child know that these people were not unlike your child. Try visiting your local library to discover a wider range of books.
Commemorate important historical events
Make your child aware of historical events such as Remembrance Day. Discuss why they are important and think of ways you can commemorate them together. Watch the news together and explain what is happening and why.
Local History activities to do with your child
Museum of Gloucester
Where: Brunswick Road, Gloucester, Gloucestershire GL1 1HP
Admission to the museum is free! 
If your child is learning about the Romans in Y3/4, you can visit to see Roman artefacts.
Dean Heritage Centre
Where: Camp Mill, Soudley, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire Gl14 2UB
Cost of admission is based on age. 
The centre has lots of information about local history and heritage of the Forest of Dean.
Websites for more information

KS1 had a very soggy visit to the Dean Heritage Centre. They followed up their learning about the Victorian school by visiting the Victorian school and having a lesson writing on slates. 

We use oracy to support our learning in history. Year 3 and 4 used a zones of relevance activity to discuss the importance of different ways the Romans had an impact on Britain.

A few pupils were very lucky to be invited to the Dean Heritage Centre to celebrate some new poems by Catherine Drew being added to the collection. They got to visit the archive rooms to see things that weren't out on display. Amazingly, they were some of the first people EVER to see some original Catherine Drew poems.