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1. Talk to school if there are any problems or worries
We can help! We can only help solve a problem if we know about it. Staying away from school because of a problem only makes matters worse. If you are struggling to get into school, please talk to us.
2. Eat healthily
A healthy diet can help keep children's immune system strong so they can fight general viruses.
3. Get plenty of sleep
Getting enough sleep is vital for staying fit and healthy.
4. Get lots of exercise
Keeping fit helps you to keep bugs away.
5. Make medical appointments outside of school time where possible
Most doctors and dentists are happy to oblige. If you have to an appointment in school time, please come to school before the appointment and return afterwards.
6. Take holidays in school holidays
School will only authorise leave in exceptional circumstances. Unauthorised leave may result in a Penalty Notice fine being issued by county.
7. Pack school bags and get school uniform ready the evening before
Being organised means you are much less likely to be late in the morning.
8. Come back to school as soon as you are feeling better after being ill
Do not miss school for minor upsets and don't stay away longer than is really necessary.
The school's attendance policy can be found here.
Sometimes it is difficult to decide whether or not to keep your child off school. 
Here are some resources to support you: