Headteacher's Welcome

I am very proud to be able to welcome you to St White’s Primary School.  Here, the children are at the heart of every decision that we make and our theme of ‘Challenge, Commit, Conquer and Celebrate’ runs through everything that we do. 

In our vibrant school, the highly motivated, and dedicated team have the highest possible expectations of all our children. They provide challenges that engagestretch and support our children to achieve their full potential.  We teach them about the Growth Mindset: that they do not grow and become strong when things are easy but when they are faced with challenges. They learn that to succeed, they must not be afraid to fail. We teach them to bounce back from setbacks and failures and confidently seek out opportunities so that they thrive. 

The school is committed to providing the very best opportunities for all our children and this is the cornerstone of our curriculum.   We constantly strive to maximise the impact of our tailored, engaging curriculum, full of well-planned exciting opportunities.  This helps our children learn new skills and develop their knowledge and understanding of the world around them. It is designed to foster a passion for learning that will develop powerful, well-rounded learners.   

At St White’s Primary School, we believe that parents are a crucial partner in learning and that the best possible progress is facilitated when families work closely with the school.  We also believe that learning is lifelong.  For this reason, we promote the learning of our staff and our parents.  The school works closely with Adult Learning to offer many opportunities within school so that our parents can achieve qualifications in English and Mathematics as well as offering courses to support learning in other areas. 

Visitors to our school are impressed by our amazing children and our state-of-the-art building that nestles in beautiful grounds at the heart of the forest.  There is no doubt that our children’s learning experiences are enhanced by our setting, as well as the school building and facilities that have been so expertly designed.   

Clare Tilling