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Pupils at St White’s Primary School are given time to listen, reflect upon and appraise music across a range of historic periods, genres, styles and traditions, while also being given the challenge of composing, improvising and performing their own music. Pupils learn to sing, and use their voices, in a variety of contexts which aims to increase their self-confidence, creativity, their sense of community and boost their sense of achievement. Our music curriculum aims to provide pupils with an alternative way of communicating and expressing themselves while inspiring them to develop a love of music, their talent as musicians and to cherish and explore the music around them. All pupils in Year 1, 3 and 5, learn to play a musical instrument, with further lessons available for those, or any other pupils in the school, who wish to develop their talent further.  

St White’s is devoted to providing pupils with opportunities to engage in the performing arts both, within the classroom, as well as through extra-curriculum enrichments. Music lessons, choir and a selection of performing arts clubs are offered within the school and opportunities for pupils to experience first-hand professional performances are actively sourced.  

Music is celebrated across the school throughout the school year. Pupils are encouraged to showcase their creative skills through: 

  •          St White’s has Got Talent (the school’s annual talent contest) 
  •          EYFS and KS1 Christmas Plays 
  •          Phase end of term concerts 
  •          Year 6 Leavers Plays 
  •          In class performances  
  •          Performances given to the local community  
The music curriculum is currently undergoing development. Please contact the school if you would like to know more about what is being taught.