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At St White's, we are committed to developing speaking and listening throughout the school. We know how vital the skills are to children's future success in school and in life. 
We work with Voice 21 to develop our high-quality oracy curriculum. 

Here are some documents which detail our school oracy curriculum.

How can you support your child with oracy at home?
  • Discuss a news article - read a newspaper article together or watch Newsround and ask questions about this. For example, what did you learn from reading that article? How did the people feel?
  • Discuss the meaning of vocabulary - after reading a text with your child or hearing different vocabulary, ensure you discuss what the vocabulary means.
  • Discuss a TV programme - talk about the themes of the programme. Ask them what they liked about it or what might happen in the next show.
  • Come up with a word of the day - encourage new vocabulary learnt to be used in your child's writing or in a conversation they have that day.
  • Listen to different types of oracy - podcasts, poetry, radio shows, television programmes, educational videos, panel discussion, speech, job interview, stand-up comedy or music.
  • Listen to audio books - free audio books are available from Cinderford library
  • Interview someone - encourage your child to interview a neighbour, a family member or a family friend. Come up with the questions together and identify what they might learn from this experience.
  • Talk to different people - talk to people in the community e.g. shopkeepers to ask for something
  • Ask questions to develop answers - 'why' is such a powerful word to use with your child: it develops their sentences and thought process as they have to explain further.
  • Play a game and discuss the rules - this can be as simple as playing different board games and getting your child to explain the rules or using the games suggested below.
    • Play games such as articulate, taboo
    • Play listening games - Simon says; musical statues; "I went to the zoo and I saw..."; or go on a listening walk.
    • Play 'One Word Story'
    • Play 'Fortunately, Unfortunately' 

Here is debating club playing 'Fortunately, Unfortunately'

We have Oracy Assemblies where we are Always Learning! We use Picture News to discuss topical issues and have conversations with our peers. 

KS1 wrote news reports following a sighting of the Big Bad Wolf. They used their oracy to practise reading them aloud in the style of a real life news reporter.