Assembly Battle - Year 5 Heron vs Woodpecker

28th February 2020

Year 5s went head to head in a Spelling battle. Well done to a Heron class who was the fastest team. Year 3s will go head to head in a spelling battle next week.

Well done to Chester in Robin and Cassie in Heron for being awarded for good sportsmanship this week. Progressive Sports will be presenting trophies to two children each week, they will sit on the pupils desk for the week. Come back to find out who will be awarded next week... 

Today we said goodbye to Mr Pritchard who will be furthering his career in another school closer to his home. We wish him all the best and will miss him! 

We would like it if parents came along to our assembly battles and cheer their child's class along. If your child would like to share their achievement from outside of school they are welcome to bring their award to assembly on Fridays. They must be given into the office before Thursday that same week.