Christmas Information!

1st December 2020

We know it will be a very different Christmas this year, but we still hope to make it exciting for the children, so teachers will be decorating their classrooms as usual, and children will be doing all the usual classroom activities and art work you would expect. 
Please read below to see what we have going on this month to celebrate this festive season.

Christmas Cards
From 1st to 4th December, there will be post boxes outside both entrances to the school. If children wish to send Christmas (or seasonal) cards to each other they can do so by posting them in the post box. Please make sure they are addressed with the name and class of the child.

We will then quarantine them for a week before distributing the cards to classes for children to take home in the last week of term.  Please get the children to put their cards in here and not take them to class as this is far safer for everyone. Remember to be careful to observe social distancing when posting your cards!   

Christmas Lunch!

Sadly, we cannot have our usual turkey, sprouts and pudding this year, but on Wednesday 16th December we will have our Christmas sandwiches in the classrooms with music and the children will wear party hats they have made!  The packed lunch which the school can provide contains turkey baguette, sausage roll, crudites, satsuma and chocolate brownie. (We can provide cheese or tuna baguettes if children do not like turkey).  If you would like to order this please let us know by email to  There is no charge for pupils in Reception, Year 1, Year 2 and benefits based Free School Meals. The price is £2.32 for all other children and should be paid through Parentpay. 

Non uniform for Save the Children
On 11th December 2020, we are inviting all pupils to wear non uniform which can include winter/ Christmas jumpers in support of Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day Appeal. Children can wear anything they like as long as it is appropriate for the weather!  Please do not feel you have to purchase something special for your child to wear – the idea is to raise funds for Save the Children.  Please bring a donation of £1 on the day. 

Reception and KS1 Performances 

We are especially sad that we can’t put on our nativity plays and invite everyone in this year. The PTFA have bought a fabulous video camera for the school, and the classes are going to do a short performance of Christmas songs etc. which will be recorded, and then shared with parents through the school website. These performances will take place from 7th -10th December. 


As we aren’t able to visit a theatre or even all sit in the auditorium to watch a travelling pantomime, we are going to stream a pantomime into the class rooms for the children.   It is called “Once upon a Pantomime” and will feature lots of our favourite panto characters and punchlines. (Oh yes it will!!) 

Christmas Service 

We always make sure the children remember the Christmas message at this time of year. We have the option of streaming a Christmas service from our local church and is something we are currently looking into. 

The very kind people at “Open The Book”, who have not been able to come into school to give their usual assemblies, are providing every child with a Christmas Story booklet.