Gloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning Mental Health Champions Award

25th May 2018

St.White’s Primary School is today celebrating becoming only one of nineteen schools in the county to achieve a Gloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning Mental Health Champions Award.
Staff, Pupils and Governors have worked extremely hard over the last two years to raise the profile of mental health. Achieving the award is testament to their commitment to this vital element of  the school's PSHE curriculum. 
The team here at St White's has ensured that there is an exceptionally wide and effective range of initiatives to support young people’s mental health. The programme of study has been highly effective contributing to supporting both pupils’ and staffs' mental health and well being. 
Some of our work has been derived from such activities as the 'One Act of Kindness Shared Scheme', also Belinda Heaven's 'Raising Awareness of Mental Health Issues and How to Deal with Them', the 'Make me a Superhero' resilience resource and many, many more.
Achieving the Mental Health Champion's Award is one step in our journey to promoting mental health for the young people and staff within our school. We are committed to continuing to empowering our children and equipping them with the resilience to overcome the challenges that they will face throughout their lives. 
For more information, please take a look at our Mental Health page.