Jose's reading blog

14th April 2018

Hello everyone!  This is my first attempt at ‘blogging’, so I’m feeling a bit nervous.  A word of introduction: some pupils and parents know me in my role as Governor at St. White’s.  Others will recognise me round the school as ‘the person who helps with the reading.’  I come into school one afternoon a week and at present I’m based in Woodpecker class with Mr Paterson who decides which pupils are to read to me on any particular day.


 When the time comes, the pupil reads a page, or more if needed, from a book of his or her choice.  We do this in a quiet corner of the classroom or in the hall.  I like it when the pupil begins by telling me a little about the events leading up to the reading passage, particularly when this is done unprompted.  I’m getting familiar with a wide variety of different types of book as well as many writers of children’s fiction.  The illustrations often delight the children and help to make the narrative clearer.


 As we go along, I give some help with the longer words or ask a few questions on the content, to ensure that everything is understood.  I’m often impressed by the articulate replies to these questions and by the children’s excellent command of vocabulary.


 The pupils enjoy humorous situations in the stories and comment on them, often comparing them to happenings in their own lives – great fun, both for them and for me!


 I am so pleased to hear form the children that they read to their parents in the evenings or that their parents read to them – both are rewarding experiences for everyone and a time to relax after a busy day.  As the weeks go by it is noticeable that the pupils’ confidence improves when tackling more challenging vocabulary or more complex plots. 


 For me, this is a wonderful opportunity to get to know the children and their individual likes and dislikes.  As a visitor to the school, I greatly appreciate the warm welcome offered and the courtesy and good behaviour of the children.


 A big thank you, too, to Mr Paterson, for all his support and patience.

 Jose Brazier