Launch of Our Gardening Club

10th October 2019

Yesterday was the start of St White’s Gardening Club. This club will be running every Wednesday afterschool for KS2 Parents and Children. It is £2.00 per a session which will go towards more gardening resources for the club.

The club had a great start planting crocus bulbs that have been donated as part of the Purple4Polio initiative.These have been planted in the grass and should flower next Spring – so keep your eyes open.

Each week we will be carrying out activities linked with gardening, developing understanding as we work towards achieving the Levels and Awards from the RHS School Gardening program which the school has signed up to.

As an ongoing project we are researching and hoping to build a Keyhole Garden which is a simple but clever way of recycling the garden by-products and nutrients back into the soil to feed the plants growing above.

Finally, plans in motion for a course of Beginners Grow Your Own Vegetables classes in the spring time after school

- Nicky The Gardener