Year 3 & 4 Trip to Stonehenge

12th September 2019

This week, our year 3 and year 4 pupils had the marvellous opportunity of visiting Stonehenge as part of our topic on the Stone Age and Iron Age. During the visit, we visited recreations of Neolithic homes and experienced some aspects of Neolithic life. We developed our weaving skills and gained some insight into how difficult life may have been! Some pupils had the chance to learn about the myths and legends of Stonehenge and then create their own myth or legend using Lego. Some very creative story telling skills were on display! A great time was had by pupils as they improved their understanding of the significance of this world famous site and began to investigate the mystery of its purpose and construction. The children behaved beautifully and were told that they were the ‘best ever group’.

A special thanks to those parents and governors who volunteered to join us for the two days. Without you the trip would not have been possible.